Kyoto Arts

May 31 – June 12, 2025

Join Asian Studies professor Livia Kohn on a wonderful study tour of Kyoto, completing a pilgrimage to the Seven Lucky Gods while exploring various forms of art as found in theater, architecture (temples, villas), lakes and rivers, gardens, antiques, statues, paintings, and more. Enjoy beautiful scenery, spectacular greenery, delicious food, and steaming hot tubs while learning first-hand about Japanese art, culture, religion, and lifestyle.

Day 1-2: Depart from home, fly into Osaka, either Kansai or Itami airport. Settle into the hotel.

Day 3: Explore an antique market, connect to the first lucky god, enjoy a hot spring bath, and relish the magical performance of Noh under Torches.

Day 4: Explore local city shrines and temples (two more lucky gods) as well as the entertainment district of Gion.

Day 5: Wander about the northern hills and relax by a lake, then visit another lucky god and from there explore a spectacular mountain villa with lovely gardens.

Day 6: Visit the Zen temple Mampukuji south of the city, then enjoy Uji, the main tea center with its Heian temple that seems to float over a pond. Enjoy a relaxing soak in a bubbling hot spring.

Day 7: Free to to explore on your own, visit museums, or connect with local friends.

Day 8: Explore an imperial villa in the northeast of the city, then walk through fields and neighborhood alleys to relish the relaxing gardens of a poet’s retreat in Ichijoji.

Day 9: Rent a bike and ride along the river to explore a traditional shopping arcade, then enjoy the plethora of flowers, shrubberies, and trees of the Botanical Garden.

Day 10: Pack up to move to a lovely hotel overlooking Lake Biwa in nearby Otsu, then visit the phenomenal Sagawa Art Museum to take in its amazing location, design, and exhibits.

Day 11: Visit the holy island of Chikubu with its amazing Kannon temple and Shinto shrine, then explore the fabulous castle of Hikone and learn about local and samurai history.

Day 12: By train and bus reach Miho Museum in the depth of the mountains, to marvel at its amazing architecture by I. M. Pei and various exhibits.

Day 13. Onward. Make your way back to Osaka to fly home or continue your explorations of Japan.


US $1750 per person, including hotel, daily lunches, special events, farewell dinner, as well transfers, bus/train fares, and entrance fees. Single supplement: $150.

Contact or call 727-501-6915 to reserve a spot. Participants limited to twelve, so please book early.






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