Religions of Japan

7-21 June 2018

This tour is a focused academic class with hands-on experience, following the emergence of different religious dimensions in Japanese history. Each day begins with a one-hour lecture, followed by an exploration of historical and religious sites. A textbook is recommended, as are websites and further study opportunities. In addition, the tour offers various immersion experiences, from dressing up in a kimono through taking a martial-arts lesson and joining a tea ceremony to staying in a temple and participating in religious services.  Learn and enjoy, expand your world!


Days 1-2      Depart from home; arrive in Osaka.

Days 2-3      Shine and Imperial Shinto: Yasaka and Inari Shrines, Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle

Days 4-5      Sect Shinto and Energy Awareness: Oomoto in Kameoka, river rafting, cooking class

Days 6-8      Buddhism: Tendai (Mt. Hiei), Zen (Kenninji, Ginkakuji), Pure Land (Chionin, Honganji)

Day 9           Mountain Worship: Mount Kurama, open-air hot tub

Days 10-11   Retreat: Temple stay on Mt. Koya, chanting, meditating, sightseeing, hiking

Days 12-13   Modernity: Osaka Castle, National Museum of Ethnology

Day 14         Departure

Price: US $1850, per person, double occupancy. Covers hotel, all meals, transfers, bus/train fars, and entrance fees. Single supplement $100.