Kyoto Hike

20 October – 1 November 2020

Join this engaging and enjoyable tour to experience Japanese life, culture, and religion from the inside. Stay at a traditional inn or in a Western room with private bath, eat all kinds of special Japanese food, hike around the mountains, and learn about the beliefs and practices of Shinto, Buddhism, and the new religions. Relax in a hot tub after a long day of fun and explore shopping alleys and restaurants at your leisure. Bring Japan into your life!

Itinerary Outline (please contact me for a detailed version)

Days 1-2     Depart from home to reach Osaka.

Days 3-4     Shinto: of the Ages, Imperial Palace, Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple

Days 5-6     Budhism: Mount Hiei, Daitokuji, Temple Market

Day 7          Arashiyama, Bamboo Forest, Riverside Hike

Day 8          FREE: explore on your own or rest up.

Days 9-10     Nara (Todai ji, Museums), Tenri, and Heian Highway

Day 11-12   Mount Koya, Shingon Buddhism, Monastery Stay

Day 13       Departure.

Price: $1550 per person, including hotel, two meals daily, transfers, bus/train fares, and entrance fees. Single supplement: $150.