Daoist China

16-31 May 2018

Always wanted to see China but not quite ready to follow the standard pattern? Here is your chance to explore the world of Chinese religions in a small group with a senior Daoist specialist, to see locations not commonly on Western itineraries and join a Daoist pilgrimage while yet visiting major sites such as the Terracotta Warriors. Learn about Daoism or deepen your understanding, enjoy great meals and fun walks through towns, temples, and mountains. Also, if you want to really immerse yourself, join the 12th International Conference on Daoist Studies, held immediately afterwards in Beijing (June 1-4) (www.daoistconference.info), 


Days 1-2       Depart from home and arrive in Shanghai

Day 3           Shanghai: City God Temple, Baiyun guan, Museum, and more

Days 4-5       Nanjing: Local sites, plus Maoshan, center of the Highest Clarity school.

Days 6-10       Xi’an: City wall, Forest of Steles, Wild Goose Pagoda, Eight Immortals’ Temple;                                   Excursions to Terracotta Warriors, Louguan tai (Daode jing transmission).

Days 11-13    Miaofeng shan:  Pilgrimage to the Daoist Goddess of the Morning Clouds

Days 13-16   Beijing: Daoist temples, palaces, city sites. Return home or join the Daoist Conference.

Price: US$ 2250, including hotels, two meals daily, transfers, bus/train/air fares, entrance fees